Let The Music Do The Talking
Performed By:  Aerosmith
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Rock-a-bye baby
If you want to dance
Grab yourself a body
And take a chance
They say one time around
Is all you get
But I'm still dancin'
So you lost your bet

I got a hardcore mama
With a hot hoochie coo
Make my wheels start spinnin'
Like a formula two

I got one for the money
Two for the show
Three for my honey
And four to let you know that I
Let The Music Do The Talking
Let The Music Do The Talking
Let The Music Do The Talking
Let The Music Do The Talking

Cheese cake
Mabye if I take another bite
I'm a real fat city
I'm an aero delight
Threw out my pipe
And my alcoline
Got a squeaky clean body
And a dirty mind
I'm a real fine dancer
I'll be cuttin' rug
Got my brand new baby
She's my brand new drug

Let The Music Do The Talking
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