Gotta Love It
Performed By:  Aerosmith
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(Psychadelic Sandwich)

Any way you can feel it
You shouldn't try to conceal it baby
You got to make up your mind

Any way I can steal it
Any way you can deal it to me
You know the pleasure's all mine

You gotta love it
You better own it
You gotta love it
And God knows it
You gutta shu uh shove it
I'm gonna make things happen

Goin' round n' round n' round...
That's Right!

I wanna say you're a firecracker
I wanna say you're a switchblade knife
You make your sex a career

Comin' down from an all night tripper
Pull your foot from the ruby slipper
'Cause you can't get it from here

Goin' round n' round n' round n' round....

I got this feeling deep inside my love
Overwhelming feeling but I know not what
One thing's for sure I ain't got time for those
Who can't relate

You gotta learn to love the midnight madness
You gotta revel in the good and badness
If Yin n' Yang is your thing

What I gotta do to try and reach ya
Is it for real or just a double feature
So let's go throw the I Ching

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