Bye Bye Johnny
Performed By:  Chuck Berry
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She drew out all her money at the Southern Trust
And put her little boy aboard a Greyhound Bus
Leaving Louisiana for the Golden West
Down came the tears from her happiness
Her own little son name - Johnny B. Goode
Was gonna make some motion pictures in Hollywood

Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye bye Johnny
Good bye Johnny B. Goode

She remembered taking money out from gathering crop
And buying Johnny - guitar at the broker shop
As long as he would play it by the railroad side
And wouldn't get in trouble, he was satisfied
But never thought that there would come a day like this
When she would have to give her son a goodbye kiss

Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye Johnny
Good-bye Johnny B. Goode

She finally got the letter she was dreaming of
Johnny wrote and told her he had fell in love
As soon as he was married, he would bring her back
And build a mansion for 'em by the railroad track
So every time the heard the locomotive roar
They'll be a standin' a wavin' by the kitchen door

Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye bye Johnny
Good-bye Johnny B. Goode
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