Get It Hot
Performed By:  AC/DC (1979)
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Going out on the town
Just a me and you
Gonna have ourselves a party
Just like we use to do
Nobody's playing Manilow
Nobody's playing soul
And no one's playing hard to get
Just a good old rock 'n' roll

Get it hot, get it hot
Come on baby, get it hot
Get it hot, get it hot

Moving down the motorway
Got a whole lotta booze
Got myself a sweet little (mother | mamma)
Whose got nothing to lose
Gonna bend you like a G string
Enough to light my fire (conduct you like a choir)
So get your body in the right place
We'll set the world on fire



Get it hot, get it hot
Come on baby, get it hot
Get it hot, oh, get it hot
Oh little girl, get it hot
Come on baby, get it hot
Make me feel good, get it hot
Oh baby, get it hot
Whoooa yeah
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