Borrowed Time
Performed By:  AC/DC
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Got the word, getting ready
Gonna get my pay from ????
I'm in light, ????
When the action is hot, ????
No town, no city
Gonna be free from the jumping jack
Kiss of life, getting gritty
If the mule don't kick you know the mule don't ride
And I know, yes I know, well I know
That's the way to go
And I know, and I know
And I know that I'm gonna get it down the road

Cause I'm living on a borrowed time
Do it your way, I'll do it mine
Living on a borrowed time
Don't need a shove, don't need a sign

Call me names, call me crazy
Don't try to stop me when I feel this way
It's a game, (whoopsy daisy?)
Here comes another girl to make my day
And I know, yes I know, well I know
That's the way to go
And I know, yes I know
I'm gonna get up when I'm up on the road

(So long, goodbye, good luck, au revoir baby)

(Look out people, never let me loose)


I don't need a sign to show me the way
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