Radio King Dom
Performed By:  The Beach Boys
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A few days later the king and queen of the castle were invited to a ball
As they were leaving that evening the queen said to the young prince
Who was the eldest of the children
"Take care of the other ones tonight
And don't try to find that radio
We have it hidden away
We'll be home by midnight"
And then she said "goodbye"

The children's mother left
And the party had begun
And the children looked everywhere
High and low
Checking to see if they could find that transistor radio
They couldn't find it they couldn't find it
They looked upstairs and downstairs
All through the castle and finally
All of a sudden they heard a sound

What is that sound is it possible
Could it be the Pied Piper himself
Coming out of the magic transistor radio
Or was it just the wind whistling by the castle window

No one knows if the mysterious Pied Piper of Night
Was the one who came back to visit the princes and princesses again
But if you have a transistor radio and the lights are all out some night
Don't be very surprised if it turns to light green
And the whirling magic sound of the Pied Piper comes to visit you

(Bow bow)
(I'm the Pied Piper)
(Bow bow bow bow bow)
(In the radio)

(Bow bow)
(I'm the Pied Piper)
(Bow bow bow bow bow)
(In the radio)

(Bow bow)
(I'm the Pied Piper)
(Bow bow bow bow bow)
(In the radio)
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