Talk To Me
Words:J. Seneca
Music:J. Seneca
Performed By:  The Beach Boys
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Talk to me, talk to me
Ooo I love the things you say
Talk to me talk to me
In your own sweet gentle way

Let me hear, tell me dear
Tell me oooo you love me so
Talk to me, talk to me
Tell me what I want to know

The many ways you speak of love
I've heard before but it sounds so good everytime
Please say the one part I love once more

Comes from Tallahassee
She's got a high flyin' chasiss
Makin' looks a little sassy
But to me she's real classy
Yeah my Tallahassee Lassie, way down in FLA

Talk to me, talk to me
Hold me close, whisper low
Talk to me, baby can't you see
Oh darlin I, I love you so
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