Performed By:  George Strait
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True in this modern world, when two lovers get together
chances of em ever makin it to forever,
couldn't be better than two in a million hearts.
Girl this ain't just another run of the mill emotion, 
What I'm feelin' the definition of devotion, my love for you is true

True like the sun comin' up each mornin,
Bright as the light in a baby's smile,
Sure as the mountain river winding,
Right as the rain fallin' from the sky,
Girl my love for you, is true

True not another minute on this earth can be borrowed,
so there's no way to know when i'll live my last tomorrow
but everyday i get i'll share with you
this feelin just keeps getting stronger as the time goes by
it's written on my face you can see it in my eyes
My love for you is true

[chorus 2x]
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