Hey Girl
Performed By:  The Mamas And The Papas
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Hey, girl, I know he's put you down
For every new love that he has found.
Hey, girl, I know your feelin' sad---
Sad and blue.
And you think the trouble's not in him;
The trouble's in you. (No!)

I know he's only tryin' to score.
I've seen him, I've seen him breakin' hearts before.
Don't try to put him down.
(Don't let him get you down.)
He's the boy I want around
(He's not the only boy around)
And you---you shouldn't be so blue.

I know there'll be another time.
But I'll be his.
(No, you'll be mine.)
Hey, girl, although your feelin' sad...
(I'm sad! I'm...)
Sad and blue!
Just remember while your feelin' bad,
I'm waiting for you, yeah.

Don't try to put him down!
(Don't let him get you down)
He's the boy I want around and you.
(You know I'll always be around.)
And you---you shouldn't be so blue.
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