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As the sun shines down on the land,
So her heart is crying for love.
And there is no-one there,
No-one to hear her voice.
And she will sleep alone again tonight.
Now the moon is high in the sky.
In her room she calls out his name.
But he is somewhere else,
Somewhere she cannot see.
Oh, and the night is dark between them now,
"My god, my God, why did he go away?"
Now the sun shines on a new town.
With a smile he gets off the train.
He lights a cigarette,
Leans back to see the sky.
Oh and he thinks how much better off he is,
Without her hanging round.
Let's do it.

And the day is passing by him,
And he has nowhere to stay.
At a lonely bar-room table,
His mind goes back to yesterday,
To the girl who's dead and buried,
But her face lives in his eyes.
He must forget that face forever.
Make the future start tonight.
But the meal he eats is dead flesh.
There is cancer in his cigarettes.
And the drinks won't do a thing for him,
But revive some stupid memories.
Then a hairstyle that reminds him,
Makes him run into the night,
Where the moon hangs high above him now,
The same moon that she's praying on tonight.
But the wind catches her words.
And the moon swallows them whole.
Now the moon is high in the sky.
In her room she calls out his name.
The night is cold and dark, and she is all alone.
The bed is empty now.

Her body screams for love.
She wants to be with him.
Oh but he's so far away.
Oh and the night is dark between them now
"My God, my God, why did he go away?"
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