Party Hard
Performed By:  Pulp
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I used to try very hard to make friends with everyone on the planet.
I've seen you havin' it, havin' it yeah
But now you've just had it.
Entertainment can sometimes be hard
When the thing that you love
Is the same thing that's holding you down.
This man is dangerous,
He just shed his load on your best party frock.
Before you enter the palace of wisdom you have to decide:
Are you ready to rock?
Oh can you party with me?
Can you show me a good time?
Do you even know what one looks like?
And I don't need to hear your stories again -
Just get on the floor and show me what you're made of.
Just what exactly are you made of?
Baby, you're driving me crazy.
Baby, you're driving me crazy.
I was having a whale of a time until your uncle Psychosis arrived.
Why do we have to half kill ourselves just to prove we're alive?
I'm here whenever you need me
And whenever you need me
I won't be here.
And have you ever stopped to ask yourself?
If you didn't come to party, then why did you come here?
Baby, you're driving me crazy.
Baby, you're driving me crazy.
And do you really want to know
Just how come you turned out so dumb?
When the party's over will you come home with me?
Now the party's over will you come home to me.
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