A Little Soul
Performed By:  Pulp
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Hey man,
How come you treat your woman so bad?
That's not the way you do it.
No no no you shouldn't do it like that.
I could show you how to do it right.
I used to practice every night on my wife, now she's gone.
Yeah, she's gone.
You see your mother and me,
We never got along that well you see.

I'd love to help you
But everybody's telling me
You look like me
But please don't turn out like me.
You look like me
But you're not like me I know.
I had one, two, three,
Four shots of happiness.
I look like a big man
But I've only got a little soul.
I only got a little soul.

Yeah, I wish I could be an example.
Wish I could say I stood up for you
And fought for what was right.
But I never did.
I just wore my trenchcoat and stayed out every single night.
You think I'm joking?
Well, try me.
Yeah, try me.
Yeah come on, try me tonight.
I did what was wrong though I knew what was right.
I've got no wisdom that I want to pass on.
Just don't hang round here, no, I'm telling you son.
You don't wanna know me.
Oh, that's just what everybody's telling me.

And everbody's teling me
You look like me
But please don't turn into me.
You look like me
But you're not like me I hope.
I have run away form the one thing that I ever made.
Now I only wish that I could show you -
Wish I could show a little soul.
Wish I could show a little soul.
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