I Breath In, I Breath Out
Performed By:  Chris Cagle
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Date: 14 Sept 01
Song: Breath In, Breathe Out
Artist: Chris Cagle

Lately I've been runnin' into our old friends
And somewhere in the small talk
Someone always asks where you've been
So I tell them what you told me
And they can't believe we're through
They ask me what I'm doin' now
And incase you're wonderin' too


I breathe in and breathe out
Put one foot in front of the other
Take one day at a time, until you find
I'm that someone you can't live without
But until then I'll breathe in and breathe out

Now I've got every reason to find someone new
Cause you swore up and down to me
That I've seen the last of you
But the way you loved me
Girl it left me hopin' and holdin' on
So until this world stops turnin' round
And my heart believes that you're gone?

Yes were meant to be girl there's no doubt
And if it takes the rest of my life
For you to figure it out
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