Man Of Me
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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Man Of Me

(Rivers Rutherford/George Teren) 

Well high school got me educated
Still wouldn't have graduated
I didn't have a clue

Did a stand in the Navy
They did they're best to break me
Somehow I made it through

I've had some hard knocks
I've been around the block
But baby I believe
That love and you made a man of me

Raising hell racing cars
Closing down the local bars
That what I used to do

Family told me settle down
Find yourself some solid ground
Where you can put down some roots

Back then I thought love
Was only sissy stuff
But now I see
That love and you made a man of me

Love and you made a man of me

Don't know what it is you do
But everytime I'm holding you
I know what my heart is for

I'm the one you lean on
Gotta be strong
It's not just about me anymore

Well goodbye to my blind and imature days
Love and you made a man of me
Made a man of me, yeah
Made a man of me, wow

I'd still be only lost and lonely
Can't ya see
That love and you made a man of me
Love and you made a man of me

Ya made a man of me
Man of me, yeah 
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