Not In Love At All
Performed By:  The Bee Gees
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Written by: Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, George Bitzer (1986)

I passed the stage of sympathy.
No longer living on the pain.
Oh baby.
Though I learned my lesson well,
you got me with your magic spell.
I'm back in love again.
I let you go for what you are.
Should never be restrained.
I simply set you free.
You found me lost without you, girl.
And the love you say was missing,
a love that brightens up the night.
You'll never be short of the reasons.
You can rely on all you need.
Never be lost inside each other.
And you know by the second time you fall,
you were not in love at all.
Not in love at all,
like the precious love that grows.
You made my life on earth like I was
never born before you.
I got the wings of love
to rise above the storm.
But we were not in love.
Sad to say we're not in love.
Not in love at all.
How did you get to be a mine of information?
I'll be the one that puts you wise.
You know it's not just that I want to dry
any little tear you cry.
I'm in love with you, baby.
We'll never see all of the seasons.
You can be my eternity.
Never be lost.
To cry myself to sleep in sorrow.
We're not in love at all
like the precious love that grows.
And you and I will be
a story with no happy ending.
Oh baby, this I vow.
The greatest love you will recall,
that we were not in love.
Sad to say we're not in love.
Not in love at all.
Then, why do I cry
(we are not in love at all.)
if we are not in love at all?
(we are n(Not, Not in love at all.)ot in love at all.)
I just don't sleep at night.
(We are ot in love at all.)
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