Ghost Train
Performed By:  The Bee Gees
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Written by: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb (1990)

Take me to your world of wonder.
Let me come inside your room,
Now you see nothing.
Some investigation as to the state of us.
No misunderstanding girl,
on either side.

I couldn't lie if I try any other way.
I can't stop thinking of that girl of mine.
I'm for the rise and the fall.
Any other way and...

Oh. Ride on my ghost train.
Oh.You shouldn't do it, you shouldn't do it.
Oh. Ride on my ghost train.
Oh. Who can stop your past from rushing by.
Born to live one million stories high.

Into the night,
into the day.

Take me to a town or country.
Stranger in a strange land.
And I'm an alien.
No, you can't find me.
You be there at the station
when the train arrives.
When it leaves I get my hands on you.

I fool myself if I turn any other way.
I still keep searching for that girl of mine.
I'm for the hell of it all.
Do it anyway and

Oh. Ride on my ghost train.
Oh. Hearts can break and hearts can turn the tide.
All is love and love is open wide.

Ghost train.
Ghost train
into the night,
into the day.
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