Fight The Good Fight
Performed By:  The Bee Gees
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Written by: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, David English (1986)

No matter how long it takes.
No mater how long.
No matter how long it takes.
We'll never be alone.
Don't wanna make a wrong headline.
No matter how strong.
They'll be watching every move you make.
Don't let 'em know they can beat you.

Fortune favour the brave.
Learn how to use that muscle.
Take a little chance will get you
everything you see.
Living at the speed of light
gotta make your heart beat faster.
You gotta climb inside.
Set that spirit free.

Fight the good fight.
Fingers to the bone.
Gotta take a stand
And save this land of liberty.
Stumble on the ground that shakes you.
Push it to the point that breaks you.
Little bit of fire it gives you.
Soul of a winner.
Help you bring them to their knees.

In the face of the foe
Never let'em drag you under.
Don't you wanna leave behind you
a legacy.
Catch another streak of lightning
by the god of fire and thunder.
Battle in the name of the nation.
Making history.

Fight the good fight.
Fingers to the bone.
Gotta take a stand
and save this land of liberty.
And, brother, when you're down to zero,
everybody needs that hero.
Gotta be a star to follow
all the way there
and all the way home.
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