Down Came The Sun
Words:Robin Gibb
Music:Robin Gibb
Performed By:  The Bee Gees
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Written by: Robin Gibb (1970)

You'd like to think that you are Admiral Nelson
With a gun, a wife and son
So why don't you grow up and be a police man
And probably then you'd be with man
Or maybe be a walker with a guitar
But then you'll stall and start to crawl

Down came the sun
The world has finally won
Down goes the Earth
The stars and the sky knows what it's worth

Now, I'm an evil man, I sing a new song
But all the same, I'm still to blame
So now I owe my sons an even teaching
And on the run for bad is done

Down came the sun
The world has finally won
Boom goes the moon
We wonder why it happened so soon
Down came the sun
The armies have loaded every gun
Down came the sun.
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