A Woman's Needs
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John, Tammy Wynette
Copyright:© 1993 Happenstance Limited/Hania
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Year:  1993

Where have you been? Are you still on my side?
Is that love or regret that I see in your eyes?
How many years - have we played out this game?
Every time we come close your answer's always the same.

I guess some souls get restless under the skin.
There's a shortage by half of marrying men.
You know that I love you - but I love to be free.
So tell me what do you want, yeah - from a gypsy like me?

Chorus: I need a ring on my finger, champagne on ice.
        One man to show me the best part of life.
        Is that what you want? Yeah, that's what I need.
        A home and a family makes sense for us.
        A solid foundation built out of trust.
        Do you think you can find that with someone like me?
        Two arms to hold you, one place to be -
        are just some of the things - that a woman needs.

I've been short-changed and cheated so many times.
But you're all that I've wanted for all of my life.
I've searched for the reasons, known how I've felt.
But what can I give you when I can't trust myself?

Coda:   Two arms to hold you, one place to be -
        are just some of the things - that a woman needs.
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