Big Chance
Words:Barry Gibb
Music:Barry Gibb
Performed By:  The Bee Gees
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Written by: Barry Gibb (1966)

People in their pride believe
it's easier for them to leave
their problems in the arms of others,
running to their mothers.
Lasting love is such a funny thing,
when you're in love you're on the wings.
You're not in love, it's good for you
'cause you can do the things you like to do.
It's your big chance,
so take it, baby.
It's your big chance,
you'll make it, baby.
When you're high and mighty
you'll remember how I loved you,
you'll be thinking how you hurt me
when I needed you beside me.
In the night is such a lonely time,
I dream of you and that's a sign,
it means that I am still a fool
and I am still so much in love with you.
It's your big chance,
so take it, baby.
It's your big chance,
don't fake it, baby.
A big chance.
A hot chance.
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