From Where I'm Sitting
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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He asked her to dance three songs ago
Now she pulls him closer as the music slows
The lights are growin' dim it's just her and him
and the band
Funny, I used to love this song
I thought it was our sone but I guess I was wrong
From where I'm sitting' I can see where I stand

From where I'm sittin' I can see where I stand
She's got her head on his shoulder and her heart in his hands
Things are pretty clear when a fool understands
Lord, from where I'm sittin' I can see where I stand

I've never seen her dance like that before
Don't think I can take much of this anymore
He's no longer the stranger and it looks like I am
I always dreamed I'd see that look in her eyes
But I never dreamed it would be for some other guy
And from where I'm sitting I can see where I stand

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