Blue Eyes
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1981 Big Pig Music Limited
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Blue Eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue, blue day
Blue Eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
When the morning comes
I'll be far away
And I say
Blue eyes holding back the tears
Holding back the pain
Baby's got blue eyes
And she's alone again

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
watching over me
Blue eyes
ooh, I love blue eyes
When I'm by her side
Where I long to be
I will see

Blue eyes lauging in the sun
Lauging in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And I am home

And I am home again

repeat back to "Blue eyes lauging in the rain..."
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