Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure
Performed By:  Collin Raye
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It's been one of those days I can do no right
I can't win for losing try as I might
I'm feeling walked on like an old doormat
Lord, I hate feeling like that
Though my best laid plans took a slight detour
Ain't nothing a little love won't cure.

Ain't nothing your arms around me tight
Can't turn around and make all right
So, shut that crazy world outside
Love me back to life tonight.

It's been one of those days
I should've stayed in bed
I've been getting my brains beat out instead
I took it on the chin, I took there best shot
But I'll be O.K. when I'm punching that clock.

'Cause, when I'm back in your arms one thing's for sure
Ain't nothing a little love won't cure
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