Hearts Are For When You Want To Love Someone
Performed By:  Collin Raye
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Trees are for climbing
And holes are for digging
And friends are for when your having fun
And hearts are for when you want to love someone
Dogs are for hugging
And cats are for putting up with
Birds are just looking at
And heads are for when you have to wear a hat
Dads are for being with
And doing things
And helping out Mom
And Moms are for talking to
And telling things that you can't tell anyone
Ears are for hearing your father call
And eyes are for seeing when it's dark
Legs are for when you have to run
And hearts are for when you want to love someone
Brothers always take your things
And break your things
And eat your candy
And sisters always tell on you
And they cry a lot
When they got no reason to
Feet are for putting your shoes on
And hair is for looking nice at school
And hands are for folding when your book is done
And hearts are for when you want to love someone
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