Heart Full Of Rain
Performed By:  Collin Raye
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I believe I've attempted every move that I know
I was sure that by now you'd have let yourself go
I've been loving my heart out, and without any shame
Gotten down on my knees just to kindle this flame

(Chorus 1:)
But tonight I am down to the wire
I've been striking these matches in vain
Got a whole lot of smoke but no fire
'Cause you've got a heart full of rain

Now somewhere in your history there's a reason or two
Why you won't let a body get close to you
Why the truth that I whisper always sounds like a lie
Why you're drowning inside from the tears you don't cry

(Chorus 2:)
But your blue eyes have never been dryer
And you smile like you're feeling no pain
Got a whole lot of smoke but no fire
'Cause you've got a heart full of rain

I had hoped I could open the heart that you hide
'Cause it sure needs a little sunshine inside

(Chorus 1)

'Cause you've got a heart full of rain
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