Burning Buildings
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1984 Big Pig Music Limited
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   Year : 1984

It used to be a sweet sensation - no price too high for love.
Now I pay for this bitter taste, and the price is  not enough.
Such cruel sport for your kicks. Such hard knocks on my heart.
How long before the pain ends? Tell me where living starts.

And lovers leap off burning buildings - waking up on a sky high wire.
Desperation leaves us clinging - on the edge of a house on fire.
Lovers leap off burning buildings. Live our life on borrowed time.
Every flame that ever moved you - touched your lips but never mine.
Lovers leap off burning buildings.

No room for conversation. Cold stares and angry words.
Fall in pieces from our faces. We read "do not disturb".
Some lovers just go hungry. Others beg for just a bite.
You use me under pressure - to whet your appetite.


{Repeat Chorus}
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