Kingston Calypso
Performed By:  Unknown
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Written by Monty Norman?
From the film "Dr. No"

Three blind mice in a row, three blind mice, there they go,
marching down the street single file, to a calypso beat all the while.
They're looking for the cat, the cat that swallowed the rat,
they want to show the cat the attitude of three blind mice.

Three blind mice here and there, three blind mice everywhere,
searching all around for the cat, all over Kingston town, pitter pat.
They got the carving knife, to cut the pussycat's life,
the puss will get the knife for triflin' with three blind mice. So beware!

Three blind mice, watch your step!
Three blind mice, deadly mice.
Three blind mice, where they go?
Three blind mice, what they do?
Three blind mice, oh, the mice!
Three blind mice, deadly mice.
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