Can I Put You On
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1970 Dick James Music Limited
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Year:  1971
Writers:  Elton John\ Bernie Taupin

I work for the foundry for a penny and a half a day 
Like a blind street musician I never see those who pay 
It's dirty work in Birmingham 
Better deal for a Sheffield man 
If he can rivet then his kids can buy 
Candy from the candy man 

And the van that comes around weekends 
Selling fancy city things 
Sold by the man with the trilby hat 
And the whiskers spread like wings 
You can hear him sing 
Oh you can hear him sing 
Can I put you on,  people can I put you on 
Tell you that I love you people 
Sing a salesman's song and put you on 

And a second cousin works in the pits in Newcastle on Tyne 
And he don't care if it rains outside, there's coal dust on his mind 
It's dirty work in Manchester 
But the crew gets paid its gelt 
Bang on the bell on Friday 
You buys a little something for yourself 
And the van that comes around weekends 



Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  People can I put you on?
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