Get It While You Can
Performed By:  Janis Joplin
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In this world, if you read the papers, Lord,
you know everybody's fighting on with each other.
You got no one you can count on, baby,
not even your own brother.
So if someone comes along,
he's gonna give you some love and affection.

I'd say, get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, get it while you can,
hey, hey, get it while you can,
don't you turn your back on love, no, no!

Don't you know when you're loving anybody, baby,
you're taking a gamble on a little sorrow.
But then who cares, baby,
'cause we may not be here tomorrow, no.
And if anybody should come along,
he gonna give you any love and affection.



(Chorus x2)
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