Performed By:  Avril Lavigne
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I wake up in the morning, put on my face,
the one that's gonna get me, through another day.
Doesn't really matter, how I feel inside,
this life is like a game sometimes.

Then you came around me, the walls just disappeared,
nothing to surround me, keep me from my fears,
I'm unprotected, see how I've opened up,
oh, you've made me trust.

'Cause I've never felt like this before
I'm naked around you, does it show?
You see right through me and I can't hide,
I'm naked around you and it feels so right.

I'm tryin' to remember why I was afraid,
to be myself and let the covers fall away.
I guess I never had someone like you,
to help me fit in my skin.

I'm naked
Oh oh, yeah does it show?
Yeah, I'm naked, oh!
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah!
Oh Oh!
I'm naked around you, does it show
I'm so naked around you.
And I can't hide, you're gonna, you're gonna see right
through, you're gonna see right through, oh yeah yeah.

I'm so naked around you,
and I can't hide, you're gonna see right through, baby.
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