Jesus Thou All Redeeming Lord
Words:Charles Wesley
Music:Peter C. Lutkin
Performed By:  Unknown
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Words: Charles Wesley
Music: "Prescott (Lutkin)" by Peter C. Lutkin

Jesus, Thou all redeeming Lord,
Thy blessing we implore;
Open the door to preach Thy Word,
The great, effectual door.

Gather the outcasts in, and save
From sin and Satan's power;
And let them now acceptance have,
And know their gracious hour.

Lover of souls! Thou knowest to prize
What Thou hast bought so dear:
Come, then, and in Thy people's eyes
With all Thy wounds appear.

The hardness of their hearts remove,
Thou Who for all hast died;
Show them the tokens of Thy love,
Thy feet, Thy hands, Thy side.

Ready Thou art the blood to apply,
And prove the record true;
And all Thy wounds to sinners cry,
"I suffered this for you!"
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