Hearken To The Solemn Voice
Words:Charles Wesley
Music:James Nares
Performed By:  Unknown
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Words: Charles Wesley
Music: "Amsterdam" by James Nares

Hearken to the solemn voice, the awful midnight cry;
Waiting souls, rejoice, rejoice, and see the Bridegroom nigh;
Lo! He comes to keep His Word, light and joy His looks impart;
Go ye forth to meet your Lord, and meet Him in your heart.

Ye who faint beneath the load of sin, your heads lift up;
See your great redeeming God, He comes, and bids you hope:
In the midnight of your grief, Jesus doth His mourners cheer;
Lo! He brings you sure relief; believe, and feel Him here.

Ye whose loins are girt, stand forth! Whose lamps are burning bright,
Worthy, in your Savior's worth, to walk with Him in white:
Jesus bids your hearts be clean, bids you all His promise prove;
Jesus comes to cast out sin, and perfect you in love.

Wait we all in patient hope, till Christ, the Judge, shall come,
We shall soon be all caught up to meet the general doom:
In an hour to us unknown, as a thief in deepest night,
Christ shall suddenly come down, with all His saints in light.

Happy he whom Christ shall find watching to see Him come;
Him the Judge of all mankind shall bear triumphant home:
Who can answer to His Word? Which of you dares meet His day?
"Rise, and come to judgment!" - Lord, we rise, and come away.
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