Easier To Walk Away
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1990 Big Pig Music Limited/Famous Music Corp.
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Released as UK Single in 1990

Every time you turn around
You wear another face
Every time I look away
I find a hiding place

If you knew me like you knew him
You would know just how I feel
Slipping through someone's fingers
Falling under someone's wheels

It's easier to walk away
Better off to face the facts
When love holds you up for ransom
Walk away and don't look back

[1st time: go to Verse 3. 2nd/3rd time: continue from here]

Its easier to walk away
Cover up and fade to black
When love scars and leaves you branded
Walk away and don't look back

(2nd time: Repeat Verse 1 and go staight to Chorus)
(3rd time: go to Coda part way through)

Never seen you looking back through
Smiling eyes and tears
Never knew you holding on to
Memories and fears

Just release me I can't take it
Can't you see a change has come
Strangled by infatuation
Buried under someone's thumb

[Chorus] (follow instructions and go to coda)

[Coda (Instrumental)]
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