A Star Is Born
Performed By:  Unknown
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Christmas time again
The perfect end, to a not-so-perfect year
At last it's here
Hustle bustle to and fro
From store to store, to get one more
Of whatever is in style this year
On the marquis sign
At 5 and 9, the latest movie shows
And it starts to snow
Children look into the sky
To see if reindeer really fly, who knows
But when it comes down to this season
Above it all there's still a reason
To just look up

A star is  born tonight
Come to  make things right
Angels singing, anthems ringing
Glory to the King
A star is born tonight

Silent holy night
Heaven's sacred light shines all around
And joy resounds
In manger hay the baby
Jesus came to seek and save the lost
Until they're found
Peace on earth a new beginning
He's the gift that keeps on giving, to all of us



Angels singing, anthems ringing
Glory to the King
A star is born tonight
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