Strange Currencies
Performed By:  R.E.M.
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I dont know why you're mean to me
When I call on the telephone
And I dont know what you mean to me
But I wanna turn you on, turn you up
Figure you out, I wanna take you on

These words.."You will be mine",
These words.."You will be mine",
All the time

The fool might be my middle name, but I'd be foolish not to say
I'm gonna make whatever it takes, ring you up, call you down
Sign your name, secret love
Make it rhyme, take you in, make you mine

I tripped and fell, did I fall
What I want to feel, I want to feel it now

You know with love comes Strange Currencies
And here is my appeal
I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance
A word, a signal, a nod, a little breath
Just to fool myself, catch myself, to make it real, real

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