New Test Leper
Performed By:  R.E.M.
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I can't say that I love Jesus, that would be a hollow claim
He did make some observations, and I'm quoting them today
"Judge not, lest ye be judged", what a beautiful refrain
The studio audience disagrees, have his lambs all gone astray


Call me a leper, ah-ha-ha
Call me a leper, ah-ha-ha
Call me a leper, ah-ha-ha

"You are lost and disillusioned", what and awful thing to say
I know this show doesn't matter, it means nothing to me
I thought I might help them understand, but what an ugly thing to see
"I am not an animal", subtitled under the screen



When I tried to tell my story, they cut me off to take a break
I sat silent, 5 commercials, I had nothing left to say
The talk-show host was index-carded, all organised and blank
The other guests were scared and hardened, what a sad parade

What a sad parade

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