Performed By:  R.E.M.
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Nothing could bring me closer, nothing could bring me near
Where is the road I follow, leaving, leave
It's under, under, under my feet
The sea spread out there before me
Better I go and the land touches sea, 
There is in what I believe

That's what keeps me, that's what keeps me
That's what keeps me down
To leave it, leave it, leave it all behind

Shifting the dream, nothing could bring me
Further from rougher tide
We're shifting the dream, it's charging the sea
I know where I marked the signs

Suffer dreams of a world gone mad
I like it like that and I know it
I know him well, ugly and sweet
A temper madness who believed in extreme
That's what keeps me, that's what keeps me
That's what keeps me down
I say they aren't gonna like me, I say
They don't even know their plane never left the ground


Lift me,  lift me, I'll attain my dream
I lost myself, I lost the heartache calling me
I lost my self in sorrow, I lost myself in pain
I lost myself in gravity, memory, leave, leave, leave

(Chorus x2)
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