Country Feedback
Performed By:  R.E.M.
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This flower is scorched 
This film is on
On a maddening look
These clothes
These clothes don't fit us right
I'm to blame
It's all the same
It's all the same

You come to me with a bone in your hand
You come to me with your hair curled tight
You come to me with positions
You come to me with excuses
Ducked out in a row
You wear me out, You wear me out

We've been through faith breakdown
Self hurt, Plastics collections
Self help self pain EST
Psychics fuck off
I was central I had control
I lost my head
I need this, I need this
A paper weight junk garage
Winter rain a honey pot
Crazy, all the lovers have been tagged
Hotline wanted ad
Crazy what you could have had
It's crazy what you could have had
It's crazy what you could have had
I need this
I need this
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