Hard Rock Summer
Performed By:  Alice Cooper
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(From "Friday The Thirteenth: Part Six")

I'm a rock and roll vagabond
I'm a streetwise runaway
Sixteen when I left home
And I don't regret it a single day
I'm a sucker for a loud guitar
Got one tatooed on my chest
It's hot July
My mouth's too dry(?)

You know I'll be screamin
Hard rock summer
Hard rock summer

Hard rock summer in the USA

Hard rock summer in the USA

Got a job
It was so damn hard
Just workin' for the man (?)
All year long I saved my pay
And I stashed it in a rusty can
And blew my head
Then he blew me out of town
I ... my van at the L.A. sand
California screamin'
Hard rock summer
Hard rock summer

Rock all night
Gonna blow this town
Til morning light
Going round and round
Hard rock summer in the USA
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