Uptown Downhome Good Ol' Boy
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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Written by: - Earl Bud Lee - DeWayne Blackwell

He'll never wear a business suit
Cowboy hats and bull hide boots just suit him fine
See that buckle shine

He won it in a rodeo
On a horse named Desperado
And he won the ride but he broke his back
Hist so hard he heard it crack
No more rodeo

But you can't keep a good man down
A line of western wear uptown heard of his fame
And they bought his name

Now he looks down from a suite
At the silver limo parked out on the street
And he's not just a face in a martini crowd
He drinks long neck Bud and gets a little loud
The man's back on his feet

He's an uptown down-home good ol' boy
In a business world so fast
On a horse of a different color
But he'll hang on 'til the last
He's still the local hero
He's the hometown pride and joy
He's an uptown down-home good ol' boy

A woman loved him through it all
Through his rowdy days and hardest fall when he almost died
She stayed by his side

She's still right there today
He wouldn't have it any other way
And he never did get too proud
To hang out with the same old crowd
We're proud to say

He's an uptown down-home good ol' boy
In a business world so fast
Oh but it's a different saddle
Than he once rode in the past
Well he's still the local hero
He's an uptown down-home good ol' boy
He's an uptown down-home good ol' boy
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