Santa Looked A Lot Like A Daddy
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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Written by: - Buck Owens - Don Rich

Chorus ( For the first two verses):
Well Santa looked alot like daddy
Or Daddy looked alot like him
It's not the way I had him pictured
Santa was much too thin

He didn't come down the chimney
So mamma must have let him in
Santa looked alot like daddy
Or daddy looked alot like him

Well, they thought I was fast a-sleepin'
They thought that I was tucked in bed
They never figured I'd come a-peepin'
Or that I'd hear what was said

Santa put his arm around mama
And mama put her arm around him
So if Santa Claus ain't daddy
Well then I'm gonna tell on them

Repeat Chorus

I never saw Dancer or Prancer
I never heard the sleigh bells ring
I never saw a red-nosed reindeer
Like they showed on the TV screen

But he sure brought lots of presents
So Santa Claus he must have been
Well he sure looked alot like daddy
Or daddy looked alot like him

Repeat Chorus
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