You've Changed
Performed By:  Julie London (1959), Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie
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I've an awfully funny feeling that this thought
that's been a-stealin' through my brain
Is not to be ignored
But to really tell the truth, though I'm not a
well-known sleuth
I honestly believe that you are bored

You've changed - the sparkle in your eye is gone
Your smile is just a careless yawn
You're breaking my heart; you've changed.

You've changed - your kisses now are so blasé
You're bored with me in ev' - ry way
I can't understand, you've changed

You've forgotten the words "I love you"
Each memory that we've shared;
You've ignored ev'ry star above you
I can't realize you ever cared. 

You've changed - you're not the angel I once knew
No need to tell me that we're through.
It's all over now - you've changed.
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