Which One Of Them (Will You Be Tonight)
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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By. Garth Brooks Upcoming release of SEVENS
Transcriber Nvrdyeyung@aol.com

oh the girl at the bar
she bought me a beer
asn she'd like to know
if I'm new around here
and the gal that I danced with
says shes all alone
her friends have all left
and she needs a ride home

oh and there have been others
whove gave me the eyes
but if they only knew
theyre were wasting their time
cause theres only one love
I can give my heart to
you didn't want it 
and you broke it in two
so tell me

which one of them
will be you tonight
which one will hold me tight
I've forgotten whats wrong
I've given up on whats right
tell me which one of them
will be you tonight
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