Unsigned Letter
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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She got an unsigned letter from her secret someone
And she fell into the mystery
Words were few and specifically vague 
Intrinsic intrigue
But it said everything
When it just read come to me

She's always been that responsible someone
Safe within her simplicity
But all this cloak and dagger is stoking her heart
Stroking her curiosity
Is plain little Jane
Gonna risk everything

Is she gonna strike the match
That'll surely light the flame
Is she carrying a torch for love in vain
Is she gonna break the locks
Take a look inside the box
Knowing that she could release Pandora's shame
Welcome to the game
What's in a name

She must be dreamin' as she boards a plane
And flies into her fantasy
A first class ticket to the city of Boston
Is all she knows of her destiny
When she touches down
Will her feet hit the ground

(repeat chorus)
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