Night Rider's Lament
Words:Michael Burton
Music:Michael Burton
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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One night while I was out ridin' The graveyard shift, midnight 'til dawn
The moon was bright as a readin' light For a letter from an old friend back home.
And he asked me Why do you ride for your money Tell me why do you rope for short pay
You ain't gettin' nowhere and you're losin' your share
Boy, you must have gone crazy out there.
He said last night I run onto Jenny She's married and she has a good life.
Boy, you sure missed the track when you never came back
She's the perfect professional's wife.
And she asked me why does he ride for his money And tell me why does he rope for short pay
He ain't gettin' nowhere and he's losin' his share
Boy, he must've gone crazy out there.
Ah, but they've never seen the Northen Lights, they've never seen a hawk on the wing
They never spent spring on the Great Divide,
And they've never heard ole' camp cookie sing.
Well, I read up the last of my letter, And I tore off the stamp for black Jim.
And when Billy rode up to relieve me, He just looked at my letter and grinned.
He said now why do they ride for their money, Tell me why do they ride for short pay
They ain't gettin' nowhere and they're losin' their share
Boy, they must've gone crazy out there
Son, they all must be crazy out there.
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