It's Your Song
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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Standing in the spotlight
On such a perfect night
Knowing that you're out there listening
And I remember one time
When I was so afraid
I didn't think I had the courage
To stand up on this stage
Then you reached into my heart
And you found the melody
And if there ever was somebody
Who made me believe in me
It was you
It was you

It was your song that made me sing
It was your song that gave me wings
It was your light that shined guiding my heart to find
This place where I belong
It was your song

Every night I pray
Before the music starts to play
That I'll do my best and I won't let you down
And for all the times I've stood here
This feeling feels brand new
And anytime I doubt myself, I think of you...'Cause


Dreams can come true
with God's great angels like you


It was your song
It's always been your song
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