Against The Grain
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
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Folks call me a maverick, guess I ain't too diplomatic,
I just never been the kind to go along.
Avoiding confrontation for the sake of conformation
and I'll admit I tend to sing a different song.

But sometimes you just can't be afraid to wear a different hat.
If columbus had complied this ol' world might still be flat.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  
Sometimes you've got to go against the grain.

Well, I have been accused of making my own rules.
There must be rebel blood just a-runnin' through my veins.
But I ain't no hypocrite, what you see is what you get.
And that's the only way I know to play the game.

Old noah took much ridicule building his great arc.
But after 40 days and 40 nights, he was looking pretty smart.

Sometimes its best to brave the wind and rain.
By havin' the strength to go against the grain.

Well there's more folks than a few who share my point of few.
But they're worried if they're gonna sink or swim.
They'd like to buck the system, but the deck is stacked against them.
And they're a little scared to go out on a limb.

But if you're gonna make a difference, if you're gonna leave your mark.
You can't follow like a bunch of sheep, you've gotta listen to your heart.

Go bustin' in like ol' john wayne.
Sometimes you've got to go against the grain.

Nothing ventured nothing gained,
Sometimes you've got to go against the grain.
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