My God In Whom Are All The Springs
Words:Isaac Watts
Music:William Boyd
Performed By:  Unknown
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Words: Isaac Watts
Music: "Pentecost" by William Boyd

Alternate tunes:
  "Puer Nobis Nascitur", adapted by Michael Praetorius,
            harmony by George Ratcliffe Woodward
  "Rivaulx" by John B. Dykes
  "St. Cross" by John B. Dykes

My God, in Whom are all the springs
Of boundless love, and grace unknown,
Hide me beneath Thy spreading wings,
Till the dark cloud is overblown.

Up to the heav'ns I send my cry,
The Lord will my desires perform;
He sends His angel from the sky,
And saves me from the threat'ning storm.

Be Thou exalted, O my God,
Above the heav'ns, where angels dwell;
Thy power on earth be known abroad,
And land to land Thy wonders tell.

My heart is fixed; my song shall raise
Immortal honors to Thy Name;
Awake, my tongue, to sound His praise,
My tongue, the glory of my frame.

High o'er the earth His mercy reigns,
And reaches to the utmost sky;
His truth to endless years remains,
When lower worlds dissolve and die.
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