God Who In Various Methods Told
Words:Isaac Watts
Music:Robert H. Earnshaw
Performed By:  Unknown
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Words: Isaac Watts
Music: "Arizona" by Robert H. Earnshaw

Alternate tune: "Illsley" by John Bishop

God, Who in various methods told
His mind and will to saints of old,
Sent down His Son, with truth and grace,
To teach us in these latter days.

Our nation reads the written Word,
That book of life, that sure record:
The bright inheritance of Heav?n
Is by the sweet conveyance giv?n.

God?s kindest thoughts are here expressed,
Able to make us wise and bless?d;
The doctrines are divinely true,
Fit for reproof and comfort, too.

[The last stanza would, obviously, need updating for a present day use.]

Ye British isles, who read His love
In long epistles from above,
(He hath not sent His sacred Word
To every land,) praise ye the Lord.
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