Rebel Heart
Performed By:  The Corrs
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Transcribed by Chad Nini (

This song is originally played on the violin but I transcribed it to guitar. It also has a 
flute or something backing it up which just plays same notes. You'll have to listen to the
song to get the rhythm. It is only played on the high E string and B string.

/=slide up
\=slide down
p=pull off

Verse 1
E |-7p5-7/9----7p5-7/9-7p5-4-\2----0-0-7p5-7/9----7p5-7/9-7p5-4-\2----0-|
B |---------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |---2-5---4-7-7/10\9-------------2-5---4-7-7/-12-10-9-5-2--4----|
B |-3-----5------------10-5-7--5-3-----5-------------------------|

| E |-5-4-5-0-5---5---|2X      |2X
| B |-----------3---2-|        |
|                              |
| E |-5-4-5-5-7-9--9/10\7-5-7| |
| B |------------------------| |

E |-9-10-12--14-12-9-5----7-9-10-9-5-0-7-|
B |--------------------------------------|

E |-9-10-12--17-12-9-5----15-14-10-5-10----15-14-10-5-10-9-5-0-2-4|
B |---------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 2
E |-7p5-7/9----7p5-7/9-7p5-4-\2----0-0-7p5-7/9----7p5-7/9-0-5-4-2--5-4-2-0-|
B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |---2-5---4-7-7/10\9-------------2-5---4-7-7/12-10-9-5-2--4----|
B |-3-----5------------10-5-7--5-3-----5-------------------------|

Repeat Chorus 2x and fade out.
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